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In 2009, Hot Mama’s Pizza & Brew started as a small family business, stemmed from a young couples dream, and the knowledge of a dear friend. Soon it was apparent the village was hooked and Hot Mama’s Pizza would be here to stay. In 2011, after the closing of the local ice cream shop, Sam and Ashley decided to add on 16 flavors of Hand Dipped Ice Cream. Another success. Also, began the workings of expanding. Excitement flew throughout the village with words like “bar”, “pool table” and “more space”, being gossiped at every table, everyone was anticipating the next step for Hot Mama’s Pizza. Over the next few years, efforts for the new addition slowly unfolded, finally in the late summer of 2015, everything was ready, construction could begin. Then tragedy struck. In the early hours of Sept 9th, 2016 Hot Mama’s Pizza was lost in an electrical fire. The family was devastated. But from the smoke rose a new dream. There will be a bigger better Hot Mama’s Pizza. With the support of our amazing followers, neighbors, friends, and family, nothing can stop us. We will Rise from the ashes.

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