• Aspen Mirror Lake

    only ½ a mile from Duck Creek Village, Utah

Aspen Mirror Lake

Aspen Mirror Lake is one of the perfect Fishing lakes near Duck Creek. It is tucked away behind a field of Aspens and Pine Trees. The lake is only half a mile hike from Duck Creek Village, Utah. The lake is home to wildlife of all kinds. We’ve seen many deer, marmots, chipmunks, squirrels, foxes, frogs and even a few snakes around Aspen Mirror. There’s never a dull moment while hiking to the lake. You will find many scenic views, know to make anyone smile.

Aspen Mirror Lake is just a short scenic hike from Duck Creek Village. This small and tranquil mountain lake is just off of Scenic Route 14. You will see a small DOT sign on the highway where you need to turn into the lake. Do you know what surrounds the Lake? Yup, you got it, Aspen trees. They make Aspen Mirror a premier destination during the summer and fall.

The color of the Aspen leaves reflecting on the surface of the lake is a photographers dream come true. Tourists especially favor it because of the rich red, yellow and orange leaves. The Lake sits at an elevation of about 8,500 feet above sea level.

If you must disturb the still waters of Aspen Mirror Lake, you should do it with your fishing rod. Aspen Mirror Lake is a fully stocked lake with enough Rainbow Trout for the whole family. if you need to get a fishing license, you can order them here.

The short hike to Aspen Mirror Lake is fun for the entire family. This trail is perfect to bring your kids and dogs. However, the trail to the lake is not stroller friendly. Along the Hike to Aspen Mirror Lake, there are make Lava Rocks to walk on, which can make it difficult for strollers. The Photos on this page of Aspen Mirror were taken by Jade Harris of Manic Depictions.

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